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Walnut Creek Meadows

A new, well appointed 50 lot subdivision that offers you all the amenities you’ve come to love & expect.

Set in Northern Arizona’s high country is Walnut Creek Meadows.
50 beautiful home sights consisting of (43) 2.5 acre and (7) 5 & 6 acre lots and developed on the last 150+ acre parcel ever homesteaded here in Flagstaff, back in the early 1900s. Walnut Creek Meadows is surrounded by high country pastureland, magnificent mountain views, pine trees, wildlife, and fresh air. Making Walnut Creek Meadows a great place to call home.
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Subdivision Amenities

Walnut Creek Meadows offers a plethora of amenities.

Paved roads and streets

The subdivision features well-maintained paved roads and streets, ensuring smooth and safe transportation (HOA maintained).

Secure gated entry

The subdivision offers a secure gated entry, providing residents with an added layer of safety and privacy.

Unisource Natural Gas

Residents have access to Unisource Natural Gas, providing a reliable and convenient energy source for heating and cooking.

Doney Park Water Service

The subdivision is connected to the Doney Park water service, ensuring a dependable and sufficient water supply for the residents.
FAQ’s & Construction

About Walnut Creek

How much are the HOA dues
$250 quarterly
What are the prices of the lots
Prices range from $285K to 460K, depending on size and location.
Absolutely Gorgeous Views

Enjoy the majestic beauty of the San Francisco Peaks against the clear Arizona skies.

The subdivision itself boasts spacious lots, each carefully positioned to maximize privacy and showcase the stunning mountain views. Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee, soaking in the tranquility of the surroundings and basking in the beauty all around you.
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  • The Roads Are Paved

  • Coconino National Forest

  • Views of Sunset Crater

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